The banks of the fishing territory "Harta 1A no: 471200" have not only plenty of bushes and roots of trees, all important for the need of the fish but also have rocky areas and extensive woodland and meadows.

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Slezská Harta is surrounded by beautiful scenery and for this reason many cabin sailing boats cruise the pond. When sailing the pond, it is advisable to sail 2 km to get to the first pond called Karlovecké jezero (pond) named after a village on the right bank. The length of the pond is 2,5km due south and the width is 700m.

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Recently Slezska Harta has become also a diving locality. The best place for diving is area near the dam.

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Bicycle trips around Slezská Harta

There is a large number of interesting places for your bicycle trips. The broken terrain will give you enough challenge and the beautiful scenery of the water surface located in area of extinct volcanoes will calm your senses.

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Slezská Harta

Humidity: 61%
Wind: SW at 35.40 km/h

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The dam Slezská Harta, with its natural assets, and thanks to effort of local villages, region
and private investors has ambition to become a tourist area of the European meaning.