ZnakVillage Valšov (in German Kriegsdorf) is located in the district Bruntál in the Moravian region. It lies at an altitude of 520 m.



Area: 982 ha
Population: 260 (25.3. 2010)



The first written mention about the village is in 1377. The village belonged to the principality of Opava. In the second half of the 15th century (1468-1479) that was the demise of Valšov. Another mention of Valšov was from 1565. The last owner of Valšov was John IV. Bruntal of Vrbno. Valšov was assigned to Sovinec estate.

Valšov had the largest population in the year 1930 (583 inhabitants in 2011 - 268), there were two schools of German and Czech, two mills, railway station and post office. After the year 1945, were displacement of Germans, and residents came here mostly from South Moravia and Slovakia. Across Valšov is leading railway built in 1870-1872. In 1879 was built turning Valšov - Rýmařov valšovské station and thus became the railway junction.

Historical buildings, monuments and sights

In the village there are not any important buildings and monuments, there is Thankful cross, two wooden barns built in 1934, the firehouse, renewed on Calvary at the green marked hiking trails in the direction of the Silesian Harta.

The village has no church or cemetery. In the village there are two quarries of extraction Moravian offal.

Požární zbrojniceObecní úřad

Traditional industry

Valšov was purely agricultural village of 938 ha (late 19th century.) They reared 34 horses, over 270 head of cattle and nearly 100 pigs. There was a forest district. Farmers set up their plant and agricultural co-operative (since 1924). In the village there were two mills and two saw, station and post office.

Current industry

Two gravel quarries firm Dolní Benesov: old quarry (on the right of the State road) was opened in 1958, handles the stone - Moravian offal, the crushed stone for construction purposes, mainly for the production of communications, the annual capacity of the old quarry is 200 thousand. tons per year, a new quarry (left of the road) was opened in 1997, handles the same mineral, but its annual capacity is 500 thousand. tons per year.

Handling Center is the company Valšov Agroforest Nová Pláň is the building near the Valšov station. They produce wooden components for building purposes. Fisheries Tylov (produces and exports salmonids - American char and rainbow trout, operates retail, sport fishing, agro-tourism, accommodation and preparation of fish specialties).


Natural traits

Geographically belongs to the system Valšov Low Jeseník. Dominant peaks around Valšov belongs to Sunny Highlands and are mainly Copper Hill (687 m), Medenec (650 m), Hill (679 m) and Smrčina (645 m). Axis Valšov community forms a sharp angle with the line connecting tectonic ridges, which on the boundary of the Tertiary to Quaternary (1-1.5 million years ago) formed the youngest stratovolcano Czech (layered cones) - Jesenice volcano (Uhlířský vrch, Venus Volcano, Velký Roudný, Malý Roudný and Červená hora).

Valšov flows through only a single stream, which is sometimes called Kočovský. The community also should include the river Moravice - stemming in large boilers in Praděd Highlands.


Municipal playground, walking and cycling route

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