ZnakThe village is located in the Lower Jesenik, about 15 km from the town Bruntál, neighboring cities and municipalities of Horní Benešov, Leskovec nad Moravicí, Bohdanovice and Svobodné Heřmanice. The village is situated at an altitude of 473 m.


Area: 1230 ha
Population: 230 (25.3. 2010)

Pohled na Staré Heřminovy


The village was founded in 1253. It was a monastic village near Benešov. From 1 January 1978 to 23 November 1990 were Staré Heřminovy part of village Horni Benešov. In the autumn of 1474 the village was burned. The houses stood on both sides of the creek in two rows, the courts farmhouse were separated from one another. The houses were very massive, a court has belonged to them. Near the courts were stables and barns. Both sides of the village lined forest.

In 20 century was a lot of fires and natural disasters. In 1914, burned down a barn with a shed. Two years later, burnt out shop and warehouse of businessman Pitsch. Over the next three years burned dwelling house and farm buildings of two local people. In 1920, burned down cowshed. A strong storm broke trees and turned the carts. Also burned a shed with wood. In 1923, it wasn't rain. This was followed by a huge drought and crop failure. In 1928 a terrible hurricane hit the region. In the Staré Heřminovy damages were so high that cattle had to be sold. In later years, even hail hit the village and several fires.

Historické fotografie Starých Heřminov

Traditional industry

Staré Heřminovy were purely agricultural village. In 1889 was founded a club called Obručářská checkout. At the end of the 19th century, agriculture used only simple tools. Farmers planted crops by hand, used sickles and later replace them with scythes. After 1900 into the village came first harvester. In 1901 former businessman Hanke had founded a first dairy. Fourteen years later, the dairy was closed. From 1920 to 1945 local producers imported milk to a dairy farm cooperative in Svobodné Heřmanice.

Current industry

In the village was developed mainly agricultural production, which continues to this day. Most people go to work outside the village.

Historical buildings, monuments and sights

Church of Sts. Wenceslas (originally a wooden chapel)
Meier court
Memorial at the cemetery wall
(year 1920) to honor the memory of standing and fallen heřminovské people
Czechs chapel
or Sandler's chapel and other
Sandler's mill

Kostel sv. VáclavaRybníček ve Starých Heřminovech

Notable natives and personality

Wilhelm Türk (1871 - 1916) - doctor, university professor in Vienna, known by the discovery of white blood cells

Regular cultural and social events

Competition for young firefighters, meetings of all generations, events for children - Children's Day, Christmas Party, the May events, etc.


Local Library

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Leskovec nad Moravicí 204, 793 68 Dvorce

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