ZnakThe village lies on the right bank of the dam Silesian Harta at the foot of the highest volcano in the Velký Roudný. Before construction of the dam, village continued on the village Razová. The average altitude of 577 m.


Area: 2214 ha
Population: 179 (1.1. 2010)

Pohled na obec Roudno


Original name of the village was "Roudenská Mountain." The name is from the ore, which is located here - copper, iron and gold. The gold was located and washed in the river Moravice. During the First Republic they found gold on the slope Roudný. The first written document about the village is from 1397. Part of the village, which in the 90 the 20th century Water flooded the Silesian Harta, was quoted back in 1224. Village was flooded and in 1546 there was built mill. At the end of the 18th century, copper mining was recorded. Village is attributed to Princess Anne Přemyslovna. At the beginning of the 15th century, Roudno belongs to the estate Dvorce. In the second half of the 18th century Duke of Minstrberk had based Karlovec and separate estate, which belonged also Roudno. Until 1945 Roudno belongs to Lichtensteins. Roudno belonged to a mill and sawmill, quarry and sand pit. Its part of the settlement is Volárna that originated in the 2nd mid-18th century.

Kaple na Velkém RoudnémKaple na Velkém RoudnémObec Roudno v pozadí s Velkým Roudným

Historical buildings, monuments and sights

Baroque church - built in the mid 17th century

Velký Roudný Tower (built in 2007) - 20 meter high wooden construction on concrete foundations with an indoor observation deck on top of the tower is a view of the ridge Hruby Jeseník to Low Jesenik, Krnovsko, Opava, Beskydy and Oder Hills

Brick Chapel - built in 1933 and refurbished in 1998, near the chapel is an iron box with top book

Way of the Cross

Two stone cairn with a cross - dedicated to the victims first World war

Barokní kostelZděná kaplička na vrcholu Velkého RoudnéhoKřížová cesta

Natural attractions

Velký Roudný (780 m) and Malý Roudný (771 m) consists of two prominent peaks above the village Roudno.

IPA Velký Roudný (780 m) - There are species-diverse mesophilic meadows with the appearance of specially protected and endangered plant species. A similar complex in this meadow preserved condition elsewhere in the low Jeseník occur. Its significance is enhanced by the occurrence of a number of plants that are currently bound to the substrate calorific basalt tuffs. Significant landscape is a system of parallel, densely overgrown trees and hedges.

Lava flows of the Velký Roudný - is the longest north-eastern current, which was established for the extraction of basalt quarry. This lava flow dammed in places today Silesian Harta Moravice River valley, which formed a large lake, which fell into the volcanic igneous rocks. These deposits were porous tuffs, which are still found around the village Razová. These tuffs were mined as a good building material.

Devil's stone at the top of the Velký Roudný - a large stone found tufový near the top of the Velký Roudný. This stone is a legend of the battle between God with the devil.

Velký a Malý RoudnýČertův kámen

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