ZnakVillage Razová is situated in northern Moravia, on the left bank of dam Silesian Harta. It lies about 9 km southeast of the town Bruntál at an altitude of 500 to 650 meters above sea level.


Area: 3188 ha
Population: 515 (1.1. 2010)

Pohled na Razovou


The first written mentions about Razová are from the 1288. During the Hussite wars and the campaign against the troops of Matthias Corvinus Polish king Casimir was probably the village burned and remained in ruins. By the year 1531 the village was called Radsoff. Its name was derived from the local old Slavic settlement. As a newly inhabited village is referred to the year 1548. The year 1851 was Razová city status with a substantial area of land, forests and an important local industry. The first school building was built in 1863 and seven years later there was post office in the village. In the same year it was confirmed the official name of the village Raase. In 1904, local schoolchildren sat down to school the new school building. The first electric lamp is lit in the village in 1927, when the electrification was carried out.

Traditional industry

By 1928 there was a brewery of brothers Bitmannů, later a malt house, which was destroyed eleven years later. The village was mainly characterized by agricultural activities. Grain processed three mills, which were associated with a bakery, a saw, and also drying potatoes. The facility ceased in 1946. There was processing of flax, which then was processed to the local weaving. Near the village there were two sandstone quarries. They also produced cement. By 1935, the village had even its own power station.

Current industry

In the past, most people worked in the village and its surroundings, today the situation is totally different and people mostly commute to work in Bruntál.

Historical buildings, monuments and sights

Church. St. Michael

Calvary and chapels

Limekiln - Located about 2 km from the village towards Leskovec. It was used for burning limestone. It was built in 1912 from the gross quarry stone, the paneling is made of bricks, the walls are 1 m wide, height and width is approximately 4 m. Limestone in this area was mined for centuries and probably was used for construction purposes, as well as for bleaching linen. Limestone was used for the iron works in Roudno Furnace have a grate, under which they burned by wood. They give a limestone on the grate. The process of firing lasted about 24 hours until thick smoke has stopped, then the lime give customers. In 2001 the furnace was repaired by the Club For old Bruntál and open to the public. At present, furnace belongs to the technical monuments.

Kostel sv. MichalaBoží mukaVápenná pec

Natural traits

Razovské tuffs - basaltic tuffs and tuffs were mined for about 800 years. Stone is processed to various products such as wash-tubs, troughs, steps, bridges, the posts, road and garden columns, milling stones, tombstones, bases, retaining walls, etc. It served as a building material in the construction of the Silesian churches and castles. Razovské and Karlovecké tuffs and tuffs, arose from volcanic material from the volcano. It was used in the construction of nearby rail lines, especially in Central Moravian. Razovské bearing is nowadays largely extracted.

Memorial tree - leaved Lime - promulgated in 2005, is located near the stairs of the church of St. Michael's girth: 373 cm, tree height: 24 m, estimated age of the tree: 200 years

Razovské tufityPamátný strom - Lípa velkolistá


Fishing, swimming, playground sports (soccer, table tennis, tennis), cycling, for the smallest available in the area of primary school or at the Silesian Harta different swings and jungle gym.

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