ZnakVillage Nová Pláň (in German Neurode) is situated 10 km from the town Bruntál. The village is situated at an altitude of 494 m on the right bank of the Silesian Harta.


Area: 171 ha
Population: 43

Pohled na obec Nová Pláň


Founding of Nová Pláň copper mill is attested from 1640. Obtained copper was mined in the Nová Pláň. It also suggests the name Kupferberg (Copper Mountain). In the second half of the 17th century they was built a factory on the production of copper products and copper utensils. Since 1660 the copper was imported from Cieszyn. Originally Nová Pláň, Karlovec and Roudno belonged to the parish. Before the built the church in Nová Pláň (1905), its people went to church in Karlovec. After the abolition of patrimonial administration in 1850 Nová Pláň belonged to Moravský Beroun region. In 1881 was built the school in Nová Pláň. Since 1989, they buy houses, then demolished them and then they started to built a dam Silesian Harta. In the village, there were only 6 families. The village became a separate from 1993. The entire filling of the dam occurred during the floods of 1997. There are currently 43 people, who live there.

Traditional industry

From the census 17th of May 1939 they lived in Nová Pláň 271 people. They mainly works in a copper mill and agriculture. 155 people were worked. People in the village were very faithful to God. The Roman Catholic Church is reported 269 residents and the Evangelical Church is reported 2 people. There were 81 houses. In Nová Pláň there was a sawmill and a tannery.

After the great fire in 1935, in which the sawmill burned down, was founded by an alliance of voluntary firefighters. Since 1899 was founded the Society of Germans, and since 1927 the German Cultural Society.

Current industry

It is grown here rye, barley, oats, canola, potatoes and forage mixes. In the village there is a bottler of mineral water brand Mountain Spring.

Natural attractions

The village is spread out in a valley stream, named Soap Creek. It flowed to the river Moravice. In the north of the village was surrounded by wooded hills and countryside to the east was "open". Of the three sides of the village grew spruce and fir forests and the village was protected from strong gusts of wind.
The village had a healing spring. Later, the healing spring had dried.


Swim, bike and pedal boats, marinas, bike trails, hiking trails

PřístavištěPohled na kotvící plachetnice v zátoce u Nové Pláně

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