ZnakMoravskoslezský Kočov (in German Mährisch - Schlesisch Kotzendorf) is a village, which is situated 2 km south of Bruntál. It lies on both sides of the frontiers of Moravia and Silesia. The village lies at an altitude of 565 m.


Area: 1498 ha
Population: 512 (1.1 2010)

Obec Moravskoslezský Kočov a nad ní se tyčící Uhlířský vrch


The village Moravskoslezský Kočov lies on the historic Moravian-Silesian border and was originally two separate villages of Moravia and Silesia Kočov in 1949. Time of founding of village is unknown. The first mention of Kočov is in the charter from 1405. At that time Kočov was the center of the princely estate. In 1474 the village was destroyed by the Hungarian army in 1504, it is reported as a wasteland. It was restored before 1538. At the time of the confiscation of White Mountain was Moravian Kočov connected to the Sovinec manor, Silesian Kočov was remained at the Bruntál estate. The division hadn't factual significance, because both the estate was awarded the Order of Teutonic Knights. At the Thirty Years' War, village was damaged several times. After the war, the village was developed as a purely agricultural. In 1935 there was a brickyard. Since 1990 were the first post-communist elections. To this day, after a period of autonomy built water lines, gas lines, repairing the local roads, cultural facilities, municipal office, fire station. It was built football ground, bus shelters repaired, restored church clock, illuminated church and regulated public spaces.

Historical buildings, monuments and sights

Church of Sts. Michael - the older core of late-Renaissance tower, restored in 1658, from 1793 to 1795 and modified in the Empire in 1823

Chapel of the Virgin Mary, Vol. Cross, Vol. And St. Joseph. Anthony - were consecrated on 21st September 2002 by Mr. Antonín Krejčiřík

Chapel of St. Elizabeth - consecrated 16th August 2008 by the rector Stefan Bednar, located behind the village in the direction of the Uhlířský vrch, tzv. Záhumenní communication

Kostel sv. Michala KapličkaBoží muka


Football playground, tennis court, multipurpose hall

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