ZnakOriginal name of Horní Benešov was only Benešov, in 1926 the name was changed to Horní Benešov. It is situated in north-east part of Czech Republic, in the west part of Nízký Jeseník, attitude 568 m.


Area: 5973 ha
Population: 3 453 (1.2. 2010)

Náměstí v Horním Benešově


In 1226 Benešov was mentioned as mining settlement. Silver mines in Benešov was the oldest in the Earth. Colonisation of the region between Opava Krnov made Vok I. – he was son-in-low of Premysl Otakar II. In 1474 the town was burned, the charter was damaged, it preserved only in Latin language. From 16. century there developed weaving in the town. In 1717 the town burned, also in 1767 and 1820. In 19. century Benešov was under the region Bruntál. The town became the centre of textille industry. Weaving of linen and cotton yarn formel in 1817, in 1900 there were more than 14. There were also bleaching and dyeing, knitting, knit the stockings, they produced veba, bobbin lace, threads, cords, ropes.

Histroické náměstíJiráskova ulice

Historical buildings, monuments and sights

Church of saint Kateřina – church nave
Chapel of the Virgin Mary – was built in 1893, designed by Mr. Edmund Riedle
Memorial – victims killed in the 1st world war
Statue of saint John Nepomuk – in May 2006 moved to the square
Military fortifications of Lichnovská šance – the fortification of 30-year war or artillery of war 7 years

Kostel sv. Kateřiny a lípa vysazená roku 1524PamátníkSocha sv. Jana Nepomuckého

Traditional Industry

In 19. century Horní Benešov was connected to Bruntál region, the town became the centre of textille industry. In the town there was also a brewery with malt house, a distillery, a plant for production of liqueurs and fruit juices, baked the gingerbread, then there was letterpress, branch banks and insurance companies, municipal savings bank, four hotels, weaving, merchants, trade and since 1928 Czech minority school.

Mining of metal ores was restored in 1830, but was discontinued in 1887. Between 1902-1914 there mined barite. The mines were back in operation from 1951 - 1992.

Actual Industry

In this time there is reconstructed sewer, roads and sidewalks. The square and Masarykova street has changed. It's possible to use an ice rink, four lane bowling, tennis courts, football stadium, sports hall and a children's playground. In town children have a possibility to visit art and music study at the Music School.


City Library


Football playground, ice rink, bowling

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